ESTANES (TESAN - Territorial Studies and Spatial Analysis) is a set of services and solutions for development of geographical projects and territorial systems analysis. The backbone of our work is the spatialization of variables and factors that make up the physical, social and perceptual environment

We develop studies and consulting on land planning, landscape and technical advice on environmental projects. We specialize in cartography, spatial and statistical analysis with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and remote sensing, and geodatabases.

Territory, landscape and ecology are key concepts in our studies, as they refer to a holistic view of all the parts and the relationships between them are established over time.

Spatial analyze with GIS
Aerial imagery interpretation and field work

S e r v i c e s :


Territorial diagnosis


Landscape studies


Cartography & GIS

Analysis, evaluation and landscape cartography
Mapping, GIS, web maps, interactive and dynamic maps, apps

Estanes paisaje, cartografía y SIG
Equipo Estanes

S e r v i c i o s

Diagnosis y planificación territorial
Estudios de paisaje, catálogos, cartografía, mapas
Cartografía, GIS, modelos, escenarios, mapas interactivos, soluciones multiplataforma
TIG, Apps, geoportales, soluciones multiplataforma
Topografía de campo, estación total y GPS
Análisis y tratamiento de imágenes de satélite
Formación SIG y CAD para empresas y particulares
Proyectos de planificación territorial, paisaje y cartografía
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