Landscape studies

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Landscape studies analyze natural, cultural and perceptual variables combination, and how these relationships can result in a specific morphology and functionality over the territory. Nowadays, the landscape we know is a complex system, composed of the geophysical elements (climate, topography, vegetation, etc..), man's occupation model with its changes over time, and the dynamics of natural system. Also is take into account the perception people have with their territory. Then, landscape conceives as environmental, cultural, social and historical heritage.


We present at this section the protocols consistent with the European Landscape Convention and the regional and municipal landscape law:


Estudios de paisaje para ámbitos locales
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Estudios de Impacto e Integración Paisajística
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Thematic landscape studies:

Landscaping interest network

(itineraries and singular points)


Definition and landscape assessment

Landscape evolution Analysis 


Landscape restoration proposals

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