Territorial diagnosis

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Urban and territorial plans valuation, along with the analysis of natural and socioeconomic environment, with results that show the weaknesses, threats, opportunities and strengths, allowing setting goals or action lines. We focus on local development, the assessment of the natural environment and the generation of sustainable land management proposals.

Our territorial diagnosis is focused on:

Urban planning

-       Calculation of indicators for sustainable urban management s

Socio-economic environment

-       Demographic Analysis

-       Study of mobility and accessibility

-       Analysis by economic sector

-       Cultural heritage catalogs

-       Identifying vulnerabilities and potentials

Natural environment

-       Structural context definition 

-       Land land cover analysis

-       Wildlife studies

-       Identification of dynamics of natural systems (vegetation, river           system, slopes, etc.)

-       Natural hazards analysis

-       Natural environment vulnerability according to ecological and           structural variables

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